HTML Tag Abbreviations

The HTML element represents an abbreviation or acronym. here a list of HTML tags abbreviations provided for basic idea. Label English full name description a Anchor anchor abbr Abbreviation abbreviation acronym Acronym acronym address Address address alt alter Alternative (usually a prompt that cannot … Read more

HTML Cheat List

HTML Cheat Sheet. You can print it for everyday use. Having a proper cheat sheet will make your life a ton of easier. In this tutorial, we will go over commonly used HTML tags, elements, and attributes HTML Basic Documentation < ! DOCTYPE html … Read more

HTML Entities

Reserved characters in HTML must be replaced with character entities. Some characters not found on the keyboard can also be replaced using character entities. HTML special characters are characters that must be represented by entities, because the characters themselves have a special … Read more

HTML Script

JavaScript makes HTML pages more dynamic and interactive. HTML and JAVASCRIPT both are different things. <script> is a tag used to put some executable code which is named as a script into the web age or HTML code. HTML <script> tag The <script> tag … Read more

HTML Emojis

Emoji are digital symbols or characters used to express specific feelings or emotions. HTML emojis are not just images, they are characters in the UTF-8 (Unicode) character set. Emoji’s first appeared in 1997 on Japanese mobile phones. The HTML charset Attribute … Read more

HTML Color Names

Following the full list of 140 HTML Color Names which supports all modern browsers, Use them in your HTML and CSS by color name, HEX Code or RGB color value. All browsers currently support the following color names. A HTML … Read more

HTML Symbols

You can also add icons/symbols that are not on your keyboard by using entities. HTML Symbols are used to add mathematical , technical and currency symbols to an HTML page that are not present on a normal keyboard. HTML Symbol … Read more

HTML File Paths

This file path in HTML represents the full URL address of a file. A file path in HTML refers to the location of the file inside a web folder that contains relevant data. These file paths are used as addresses … Read more

HTML Colors

HTML colors are a mix of red, green, and blue. Computers create the colors you see on a monitor by combining three colorsof light: red, green, and blue. Note:- The <font> color attribute is not supported by HTML5. Syntax: HTML … Read more

HTML Frame

By using frames, you can display more than one page in the same browser window. HTML Frames is a technique to divide the browser window into multiple sections. Each of these sections can load a separate HTML document. Example iframe syntax: … Read more