How can I enable CORS on Django REST Framework

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing is a mechanism for allowing clients to interact with APIs that are hosted on a different domain. CORS works by requiring the server to include a specific set of headers that allow a browser to determine if and when cross-domain requests should be allowed.

The best way to deal with CORS in REST framework is to add the required response headers in middleware. This ensures that CORS is supported transparently, without having to change any behavior in your views.

Follow below the steps:

python -m pip install django-cors-headers

and then add it to your install apps:


You will also need to add a middleware class to listen in on responses:


and specify domains for CORS, e.g.:


Please browse the configuration section of its documentation, paying particular attention to the various CORS_ORIGIN_ settings. You’ll need to set some of those based on your needs.