HTML Basics

This chapter shows you the most commonly used HTML tags with examples.

Tip: Don’t worry about the examples in this chapter that you haven’t learned yet, you will learn about them in the following chapters.

Tip: The best way to learn HTML is to experiment while you learn. We have a nice HTML editor for you. Using this editor, you can edit any piece of HTML source code, and then click the TIY button to view the result.

HTML title

HTML headings (Heading) are defined by tags such as <h1> – <h6>.


< h1 > This is a heading < /h1 > 
< h2 > This is a heading < /h2 > 
< h3 > This is a heading < /h3 >

HTML paragraph

HTML paragraphs are defined by <p> tags.


< p > This is a paragraph. < /p > 
< p > This is another paragraph. < /p >

HTML links are defined by <a> tags.


< a href ="" > This is a link < /a >

Note: Specify the link’s address in the href attribute.

(You’ll learn more about properties in a later chapter of this tutorial).

HTML images

HTML images are defined through the <img> tag.


< img src ="tutorialsbyte.jpg" width ="104" height ="142" / >