HTML Editor

An HTML editor is a simple text-based computer program. An experienced programmer can also use a simple text editor to write HTML code.

However, HTML editors differ from pure text editors in that they are integrated in a development environment or offer numerous additional functions:

  • Automatic detection of HTML tags
  • Detection of syntax errors
  • Autocomplete function
  • Shortcuts for common tags
  • Extended use for PHP
  • Editing of HTML code directly in the layout of a web document (WYSIWYG editors)

HTML editor recommendation

You can use a professional HTML editor to edit HTML. The rookie tutorial recommends several commonly used editors:

You can download the corresponding software from the official website of the above software and install it according to the steps.

Next we will show you how to use the VS Code tool to create HTML files.

About Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code (VS Code for short) is an open source code editor developed by Microsoft that supports Windows, Linux and macOS and other operating systems at the same time. The editor has built-in extension management functions.

VS Code installation tutorial reference: 

Step 1: Create a new HTML file

After VS Code is installed, select “File (F)->New File (N)”, and enter the following code in the new file:

< ! DOCTYPE html >
< meta charset = " utf-8 " >
< title > Tutorial for HTML ( </ title >
</ head > < body > < h1 > This is a first Heading </ h1 > < p > My first paragraph. </ p >
 </ body > </ html > 

Step 2: Save as HTML file

Then select “File (F)->Save As (A)”, the file name is index.html:

When you save an HTML file, you can use either the .htm or .html extension. There’s no difference between the two, it’s entirely up to your preference, I’d recommend using .html in unison .

Save this file in an easy-to-remember folder, like html-tutorials

Step 3: Run this HTML file in your browser

Then right-click the filename on the editor and select Open in default browser.


This is a first Heading

My first paragraph.